Children and sometimes adolescents do not always find it easy to put their feelings and thoughts into words and often it’s their behaviour that communicates that something is wrong.  A counselling relationship gives them the opportunity to find a means of expressing themselves that is appropriate to their age and developmental stage, in a safe and confidential space.  This could be by using art, puppets, drama, stories, sandtrays and play, as well as or instead of the more usual talking type of therapy.  

I have worked as a counsellor in nine different schools (primary and secondary) and am experienced at working with children and young people who have difficulties with bereavement and loss, anger, anxiety, bullying, family breakdown, separating parents, low confidence and poor self-esteem as well as neglect, abuse and attachment issues.

The first session would usually be with a parent or carer, so that we can discuss background to your child’s situation and whether counselling might be the right choice.

Parents or carers will need to sign a consent form to enable me to work with their children.

I have a DBS Enhanced Disclosure.

Please feel free to contact me for an initial discussion.